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1996 4 in 1275 viewsBatman, Super Contra (3in1), The Jungle Book, Double Dragon 3
Super 500 in 1410 viewsSuper 500 in 1(Bomber Man, Arkanoid, Tetris, Super Mario Brothers, Battle City, Rock Man, Hogans Alley, Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, Nuts & Milk, Mighty Bomb Jack, Northern)
"Golden 5"201 viewsGolden 5 (Ultimate Stuntman, Micro Machines, Big Nose the Caveman, Big Nose Freaks Out, The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy) + Box + instrukcje polska i angielska
8 in 1215 views8 in 1 (Rockman,Ghost n Goblins,Rush'n Attack,Ikari Wariors,School Fight,1944,Little Mermaid,Castlevania)
4 in 1 "Union Bond G-0001"126 views4 in 1 "Union Bond G-0001" (Picaclick,Pacman,Picaslot,Picadance)
320 IN 1142 viewsContra, SMB, Batttle City, Hokuto No Ken, Arkanoid, Bomber Man, Sqoon, Mighty Bomb Jack, Donkey Kong, Milk & Nut's, Circus Charlie, Donkey Kong JR. I ich modyfikacje.
4 in 1 (Chip and Dale, Bird Man, Mc Donald, Saint Fighter 2) .JPG
4 in 1 (Chip and Dale, Bird Man, Mc Donald, Saint Fighter 2)84 views
400 IN 1269 viewsZawiera: Contra,Sky Destroyer,Ice Climber,Wrecking Crew,Pac Man,Dig Dug,Dig Dug II, Clu Clu Land,SMB,Devil World,Arkanoid,Milk & Nut's,Galaxian,Lode Runner, Chack'n Pop, Urban Champion,Baloon fight,Popeye,Binary Land,Raid On Bungelink Bay,Mappy,Antarctic Adventure,Tank,Ninja Hattori Kun,Ninja Jajamaru Kun,Lode Runner II,Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong JR,Road Fighter,Bomber Man,Macross,Fild Combat,Circus Charlie,Yie Ar Kung-Fu. I ich modyfikacje.
64 IN 1273 viewsZawiera: Adventure Island I, Gradius, Star Soldier, Goonies, The Legend of Kage, Tetris, SMB, Twin Bee, Ninja Jajamaru Kun, City Conect, B-Wings, 1942, Spartan, Bomber Man, Front Line, Lunar Ball, Golf, Base Ball, Pin Ball, Chess, Lode Runner, Lode Runner II, Mohjong 2, Mohjong 4, Milk & Nut's, Macross, Star Force, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Ninja Jajamaru Kun, Ninja Jajamaru Kun 2, Mario Brodhers, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong JR, Donkey Kong 3, Mappy, Excite bike, F-1 Race, Road fighter, Popeye,Galaga,Pac-Man,Galaxian...
1994 Super Hik 6 in 1739 viewsBattletoads & Double Dragon, Rocketeer, Little Mermaid, Duck Tales 2, Rockman, Fist of The North Star
8in1185 viewsRockman, Ghost'n Goblins, Rush'n Attack, Ikari Warriors, Shool Fight, 1944, Castlevania
8 in 1287 viewsRockman, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Green Beret, Ikari, The School Fight, 1944, The Little Mermaid, Castlevania
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